2021 TCK Camp

Hey everyone, the time we’ve all been waiting for is finally here!!!! We are so happy to finally share with you the details for MK camp 2021!! For the past year and a half, all of us have been busy with life whilst getting used to a new lifestyle, whether it’s online studying, endless WFH, not being able to physically see friends and family etc… it’s more exhausting and dreadful than anyone could’ve anticipated.

So… we all need time off to RECHARGE! This year at camp we want to REFLECT on our experiences in the past year and a half; RENEW our energy and spiritual strength; REBUILD our relationship with God/ each other/ the community; and be RECHARGED so that we can continue to be the salt and light to those around us.

We hope to see you at camp this year (at our favourite campsite!!!) but do make sure you reserve a space asap as spaces are quite limited this year! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the counsellors or HKACM for more info! Looking forward to seeing you!

Date : August 6-8,2021
Venue : Methodist Retreat Center
Email : tck@hkacm.org.hk
(for Age 13 and above)


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